Is It True That Actor In Theatres Use Microphone?

Is It True That Actor In Theatres Use Microphone?

As we know that the sound clarity of actor in theatre is so good which can confuse the audience that whether theatre actor use microphone or not. Most of the time actor do not use microphone. If you want to know the theatre actors reasons of not wearing a mic then there can be many like budget, bad sound quality and much more.

Not using mics by theatre actors sounds weird because without them they sound so loud and good which leaves all the audience amaze without any doubt.

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Different techniques used by theatre actor

Microphone can be really disturbing which is why there are many different techniques used by the theatre artist and those are as follows-

  • Hanging microphone

It is the microphone which is hanged on the stage and it catches the sound of the actor easily and provides beautiful output on the moment. Sometimes it can be a problem for many actors as their sound isn’t catchable by the microphone.

  • Comb filtering

There is a multiple microphone hidden on the stage which catches the sound of the actor and combine them which is known as comb filtering. The best thing is that they all work together which sounds really cool.

  • Varies on actor

If actor’s voice is loud enough then not much microphones are required on the stage but if the voice isn’t that loud then there are plenty of mics required.

These are some different techniques used by theatre actors for providing clear and audible sound to the audience sitting over there.